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Genealogy Tips

  • Scrapbooking – recording and bringing your ancestors to life with Jeanne Pope
  • David Rigby and the SOE in India with James Rigby
  • Stories of Yorkshire with Natasha Houseman
  • Storyfile – turning videos into conversations with Heather Smith
  • Census records with Dave Annal
  • Reading old handwriting and wills with Kerry Baldwin
  • Birth, marriage and death registrations with Antony Marr
  • The benefits of joining a family history society with Ivor Normand of the Aberdeen and North East Scotland Family History Society
  • DNA testing with author US Libby Copeland
  • One Name Studies with Ken Toll
  • Tips to help you write your own family story with Kath Kirkland and Sas Huntwood (2 episodes)
  • An interview with Helen Tovey, editor of Family Tree Magazine
  • Organizing your research with Carole McCulloch
  • Breaking through brick walls with Mary Evans

Caring for objects

  • Clothes and our ancestors with Steph Wood, exhibition curator at the V&A Museum in London
  • Conserving books and photographs with Anne Bancroft, Senior Conservator at the V&A Museum in London
  • Children’s toys with Will Newton, Curator at the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood (part of the V&A Museum) in London
  • Hats and Millinery with Joanna Zara
  • Heirloom Jewellery with Jacqui Larsson

Places and People

  • Yorkshire – Nidderdale valleys and family stories with Natasha Houseman
  • Fletton, brickmaking and one place studies with Sadie McMullion
  • 18th century politics and local towns with Jon Rosebank
  • Researching Irish ancestors with Fiona Fitzsimons of Eneclanne.ie
  • Huguenot ancestry with Simon Guerrier
  • Exploring the history of Southwark Park in London with Pat Kingwell of the Southwark Park 1869 Association
  • The Huguenots of Spitalfields with Charlie de Wet
  • Military history with Graham Bandy
  • Intergenerational trauma with Kimberly June
  • Anna White’s adoption story
  • Finding GI fathers with Catherine Hughes
  • The Royal Houses of Europe with Jacques Arnold
  • Researching in Scotland with Chris Paton
  • Touring European WWI and WWII sites with Sophie Shrubsole.

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